Your Interstitium is the Ultimate Anti Aging Serum!

Your Interstitium is the Ultimate Anti Aging Serum!

Our interstitium contains Hyaluronic Acid (water for your cells) and various proteins and sugars (food for your cells), making it the best anti aging serum ever! Every cell in our body has an interstitium, which is a latticework of collagens & elastins in combination with the extracellular matrix (ECM). Our interstitium provides structural and nutritional support to the surrounding cells. The ECM is a collection of extracellular molecules secreted by fibroblast cells. This interstitium is continuous throught the body, from skin to bone in varying degrees of viscosity. For example, the interstitium of cartilage is thicker and denser than that of skin.

Amazingly, our interstitium is fractal. This means the interstitium is a repeating pattern of continuous architecture with differentiated “specialties”. Or said more simply, from skin to bone, we are one connected whole being. This is why I like to say “healthy skin is bone deep”! Check out the amazing visuals of our interstitium by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau,

Over time, our interstitium becomes less populated with the optimal food and water needs of the surrounding cells. This happens due to a decrease in cellular energy, environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Which is why I recommend supplementing with amino acids and hyaluranic acid. Supplementation can be oral and/or topical, such as an anti aging serum like Rehabilitation Serum. Supplementation can repopulate the ECM and interstitium with the needed food and water to boost your regeneration potential of all tissues, including skin!

Recently, scientists have been pondering if the interstitium ought to be promoted to “organ” status. This would make skin the second largest organ of the body. Since the Interstitium virtually pervades and supports every tissue of our body, it’s size is much greater than skin. Check out the new contender for largest organ of the body! 🙂

Meet Your Interstitium, A Newfound ‘Organ’

Physical Therapy for Your Skin is better than anti aging cream

Physical Therapy for Your Skin is better than anti aging cream

Welcome to One Minute of Skin with Jade L Brown, PT (AKA @yourskinPT) and creator of skinPT, a skincare line that is not your average anti aging cream or serum. Physical therapy for your skin is a new way of thinking about and performing your daily skincare routine.

Did you know that skin is actually part of your posture? Posture begins with bone and ends with your skin! Let’s explore skin care from a physical therapy perspective. This month we will focus on something you may not have ever heard. It’s called the “Biomechanics of Skin”.

The same 4 principles of human movement apply to skin:

  1. Resistance
  2. Flexibility
  3. Elasticity
  4. Deformation

Resistance provides your skin the necessary firmness to withstand external forces. Flexibility allows your skin to be temporarily deformed & accommodates your body movements. Elasticity provides your skin with return to starting position following deformation (also known as “spring-back”). Finally, there is deformation, which is the point where skin permanently deforms if enough stress is applied either too quickly or applied over too much time.

Why is this important to know? Because healthy skin is more than just spreading goo all over. Think about the structure of a house. If your house was damaged structurally, you would not just paint the outside to fix it. You would need to rebuild it’s foundation, walls and roof. It’s the same for skin. Whether due to aging, sun damage or unhealthy lifestyle habits, damaged skin can be re-educated. In-fact, this re-education process is happening this very moment in your skin.

Your skin is more than a scaffolding that encases the contents of your body. Your skin is communicating within your entire body in an ongoing process called “re-modeling”. Understanding the biomechanics of skin, we can engage with our skin in a super-fun and empowering new way. We will visit this idea much more in the future. For now, just take-in that there is more to the lifecycle of skin than just aging, damage, and a slow but inevitable decline in its structure.

If the structural integrity of your skin is compromised, no amount of cosmetics will repair it. That said, we do have anti aging creams with active ingredients available today that are proven through research to significantly repair damaged skin. We also have technology, supplements and manual techniques to create a comprehensive home program that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. We call it physical therapy for your skin.

Have you ever had physical therapy before? We are the experts that take you from an injury and baby-step you back into being able to function again in your work, daily life and recreational activities. PT includes therapeutic work in the clinic and an individualized homework program to help you keep on achieving, progressing and maintaining your results. skinPT has designed a 4-step PT home program for your skin. Stay tuned to learn how you can put your skin into PT and enjoy skin so healthy, it’s bone-deep. 🙂

We’d love to stay in-touch on social media, where we actively engage with you to share stories, education and tips on the topic of skin. We at skinPT offer you more than just another anit aging cream and then then leave you to your own devices. We are your on-going community of real peeps who are perfectly passionate about all things skin! Let’s connect!!

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Start re-educating your skin!

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