Here’s the DL on how to use your favorite anti aging serum in a new way to improve the structure and function of your skin! The reason I’m always talking about the structure and function of skin, is when we understand that skin is part of our posture, a whole new world of ways to “skincare” opens up. Skincare is somewhat of a mystery to us, but it does not have to be. Your skin belongs to you. Your ability to remodel and re-educate your skin belongs to you. Not the FDA. Not the skincare industry. Not the pharmaceutical industry. You can begin to do this simple technique every day to improve your skin posture.

Our cells take in the nutrition we ingest and make cellular energy out of it. Then our cells use that energy to perform their functions, like contracting, replicating and filtering. These cellular functions create waste. This waste is usually cleaned up and removed by our lymphatic system. But sometimes this waste backs up due to injury, environmental exposure and/or lifestyle indulgences…yes, like happy hour ;). Extracellular waste can inhibit cellular functions such as repair and remodeling.

Here is your super easy remedy! Do this daily for 3 minutes or so on your neck and face. You can do it while applying your favorite anti aging serum or on bare skin. You will notice less puffiness, redness as well as improved firmness and elasticity over time.

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Start re-educating your skin!

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