Anti aging serum, if it is potent enough, can boost the remodeling process of your skin. What do I mean by “potent” enough? If you are aware of the percentage of active ingredients in your face serum, you can be fairly confident that your investment is actually effective. The problem is, it is often difficult to find this bit of information. Many skincare manufacturers do not disclose the percentage of active ingredients as a whole, as well as the percentage of each active ingredient.

Let’s go even deeper. Each active ingredient comes with a recommended percentage that is prescribed by the manufacturers of raw ingredients (they harvest and/or bio-engineer the active ingredients). At best, this percentage is based upon rigorous research. Many of us do not have the time or interest to dive into this type of research. We rely upon the brand, the doctor, the esthetician, or the recommendations of friends.

This is a hit & miss approach. We’ve all the experience of investing in an expensive face serum, only to find that we do not notice a difference. This is why skinPT advertises with education. We call it “Edutisement”. Each product discloses the percentages of active ingredients and discloses the research behind each formula.

Here’s a tip for you when applying your favorite anti aging serum and cream.

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It's easy to start re-educating your skin.

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