Thank you friends for supporting my indie small-batch skincare brand! My skincare rehabilitation practice and products are shared one friend to another. Girlfriendship is one of our most intimate relationships. Here’s where the scoop happens. The real stuff. Our stories and deepest truths. This sacred community of “word of mouth” sharing is precious in this world of hype and zombie consumerism. skinPT relies on our girlfriend skincare tips to spread the word and the love. I also personally rely on us as your friend and an entrepreneur trying to make a social difference in our relationship with skin and the way we do biz selling skincare.

If you want to share some scoop…a story…or a truth, maybe a testimonial about skinPT, or even a funny life moment, snap a pic and text your “girlfriend skincare tip” to me. I will post it on social media. I will tag you unless you prefer that I not. As a thank you, I want to give you a small size of your favorite product from skinPT’s line of highly concentrated formulas. How much fun is this!?

Please let me know your choice of product. You can pick up your gift at the clinic or I will happily mail it to you. Choose from Clean Face & Body Wash, Rehabilitation Serum, Expand Serum, Relax Serum, Balance Moisturizer, Stabilize Moisturizer, Exercise Serum, or Workout Textile Spray.

Serving you joyfully in love and trust! ~xx Jade, your skin PT, and friend 🙂

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Start re-educating your skin!

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