It was a journey years long to make the best anti aging cream and face serum! Then it came time to sell it. The current model is find out what your points of pain are. Then, develop a slogan and/or ad that shows you how my product will solve that pain. I just could not do it and here’s the story.

“Skinderella” is a fictional character I made up to help me go through my entrepreneurial angst about perpetuating shame in advertising & marketing skincare products. She is a model or actress or maybe a completely photoshopped fantasy person who wakes up and realizes she is in the matrix.

Skinderella: [TICK-TOCK SAYS THE CLOCK] “I’m another second older and I am trapped in a skincare commercial! How did I end up in here and why am I trying to sell “mature” women skincare…I’m only 20. Is this what I have to look forward to when I’m 40? This whole aging thing really sucks! OMG, another second older! What do I do? Do you think the prince will notice this wrinkle? How long is my shelf-life? Ok, I gotta do something quick!” Run Run Run away. Time is up. Friends who are older, friends who are younger… don’t hate me because I am beautiful …I mean you no harm. I am being used to sell stuff and a concept. The concept is “anti-aging”. But there is no such thing as anti-aging. It is impossible to anti age…so, the chase after it is endless and lots of stuff gets sold. Faerie God Auntie, this is not the world I want to live in. Please help me find my way to reality!”

Faerie God Auntie: [WHILE SPRINKLING FAERIE DUST] “Skinderella honey, you had the power all along. Don’t you see, you’ve already changed the story. Now is your moment! Take it easy and speak out. Tell your story and you will be free! People are listening. Go for it. Hustle with your heart and in your own unique way. You are an indie-beauty-brand making badass skincare. Own it!”

Skinderella: [STANDING A BIT TALLER] “If it is true that people are listening and I have the floor, then I will tell my REAL story. I left that shoe behind on purpose!! OK, that feels so good to admit. It was no accidental loss. I’ve had to leave many things behind throughout my life…so that something else can arrive. I LEAVE BEHIND:

  • triggering competition among women to be the most beautiful and powerful in the land
  • advertising that is based upon motivating you to purchase by triggering your fears and insecurities
  • perpetuating a concept that is untrue, unhealthy for me and unworthy of humanity
  • tempting you to make choices that are uninformed…especially about your personal care
  • the current advertising formula because, I cannot fit the-vast-mystery-of-you into an algorithm, and then endure trying to sell it back to you in a bottle. It just feels icky

I have escaped living in a skincare commercial! But so many people are still in there. They don’t know aging is only half of the story. I will put my big girl shoes on and advertise my best anti aging cream through education. I will call it “Edutisement”. This method allows YOU, the-mystery-that-you-are, to decide for yourself if my products are right for you. Because informed consent is so sexy!”

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It's easy to start re-educating your skin.

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