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W-O-M-E-N vs Zombie Consumerism

I believe we are far greater beings than the current paradigm marketing and advertising assumes us to be. Every day, we are bombarded with ads appealing to our fears and by design, entice us into the vacant spiral of zombie consumerism. Very scary yes? I agree. As a...

My Problem Selling the Best Anti Aging Cream

It was a journey years long to make the best anti aging cream and face serum! Then it came time to sell it. The current model is find out what your points of pain are. Then, develop a slogan and/or ad that shows you how my product will solve that pain. I just could...

Why Skin gets Damaged

—Thin, sun damaged, and loose & crepey skin are the result of deformation. We think this is irreversible. The good news is that there is another potent biomechanical process that is always going on in our skin. It's called tissue remodeling. We are constantly...

The Biomechanics of Skin

—The same 4 principles of human movement apply to skin 1. Resistance 2. Flexibility 3. Elasticity 4. Deformation"Healthy skin is bone deep." Resistance provides your skin the necessary firmness to withstand external forces. Flexibility allows your skin to be...

The Structure of Healthy Skin

  — Healthy skin does not just appear healthy. Healthy skin is bone deep. Skin is part of your posture, just like muscles and bones and joints. Skin has structure, just like the rest of our body. Let's stroll through our human posture. If we start at the skin,...

Do This When Applying Anti Aging Serum (part 3)

Even the best anti aging cream has its limits. We've been exploring how to apply manual techniques on your skin to achieve: enhanced penetration of anti aging serums & creams stimulation of your body's remodeling process removal of extracellular waste build-up It...

Do This When Applying Anti Aging Serum (part 2)

Anti aging serum, if it is potent enough, can boost the remodeling process of your skin. What do I mean by "potent" enough? If you are aware of the percentage of active ingredients in your face serum, you can be fairly confident that your investment is actually...

Do This When Applying Anti Aging Serum (part 1)

Here's the DL on how to use your favorite anti aging serum in a new way to improve the structure and function of your skin! The reason I'm always talking about the structure and function of skin, is when we understand that skin is part of our posture, a whole new...


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