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Do you want to take your skin care into your own hands? I’m Jade L Brown, your skinPT here to help you do just that.

That’s why I started skinPT; to finally provide hi-tech products & advanced know-how that enable you to regenerate your skin.

we craft the best face serum and anti-aging serum 

Get the glow of active skin regeneration with skincare formulas that outperform even the best anti aging creams and face serums available. Why? Because we put higher percentages of active ingredients in our skincare.



Each active ingredient in our formulas is put through the same rigorous testing as pharmaceuticals.

Active Ingredients

Every molecule is chosen from sources that are organic & natural, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

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Actionable Knowledge

Healthy skin is bone deep! Learn the 4-Step physical therapy home program to re-educate your skin.

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With our “One Minute of Skin”, we share stories, Q&A and info about how to “skincare responsibly”.

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Welcome to skin rehabilitation! Tiny molecular “teachers” in a bottle that know where to go and what to do to maximize your healthy skin potential.

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One Minute of skin

Every second your skin is remodeling, which is a constant process of break-down and repair. If your skin has declined in the remodeling process, you can rehabilitate it! skinPT works with your inherent healing process to make every second count.


skin rehabilitation


active ingredients feeding your skin


active hydrators bathing your cells


organic preservative


Your skin has structure. If the structure is damaged, you can use the best anti aging cream or anti aging serum available, but the results will be temporary. Such is the cosmetic approach to skincare.

skinPT goes deeper; we look at skin from a physical therapist’s perspective to make a real and lasting change in the architecture of your skin.


“Absolutely the best skincare I have ever used! I’ve used high end products my entire adult life and these are superior! Fine lines are diminished and pores smaller. I get compliments all the time telling me I look younger than a few years ago. Don’t let the price scare you. A little bit goes a long way and there’s nothing on the market that’s comparable.”

Ellen Lustig

Recreational Therapist, HI

“My message is I love – love – love skinPT! The rehab serum is amazing, best I’ve ever used. Jade’s relax and expand serums are amazing. As a flight attendant my working environment dries my skin. As a woman in her 50s prior sun damage and just plain ol’ Father Time has taken a toll on my skin. SkinPT definitely makes a difference. While my friends are getting Botox and surgical procedures, I feel no need to do that. I love these products and highly recommend them. On a side note, they really last a long time as they are super concentrated. I can’t speak highly enough about these products.”

Tanya Stepp

Flight Attendant

“I was about ready to get my lips injected because they were decreasing in size. EXPAND SERUM IS A MIRACE WORKER! I have been using it for about 2 years and my lips are amazing. I found great results after about 30 days and amazing results after 3 months of daily use. Now… I don’t even have to use everyday anymore. One bottle lasts a long time.”

Melanie Seeley

Physical Therapist, NC

“I tried dermatology products first and they made my skin extremely thin & sensitive. Then I saw Jade who started building up my skin through her Laser therapy and her products. The products last forever because they are concentrated and also come in very large size containers compared to the stuff you can get at the dermatologist. The products are helping me feel like I have a face again. My friends tell me I look youthful and Dewey and I agree.”

Deb Radcliff

Cyber Security, Maui


Contact us with your stories, questions, and experiences. We love to share and learn together with you. 

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Start re-educating your skin!

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