— Healthy skin does not just appear healthy.

Healthy skin is bone deep. Skin is part of your posture, just like muscles and bones and joints.

Skin has structure, just like the rest of our body.

Let’s stroll through our human posture. If we start at the skin, the layers of your skin have tendons that attach to the fat pad below.

These tendons begin assembling together as they attach your skin even deeper into the fascia and muscle. Then the tendons merge entirely into skin ligaments that attach it to bone.


“Why is this important to know?”

Because healthy skin is more than just spreading goo all over.

Think about the structure of a house. If your house was damaged structurally, you would not just paint the outside to fix it. You would need to rebuild its foundation, walls and roof. It’s the same for skin.

Whether due to aging, sun damage or unhealthy lifestyle habits, damaged skin can be re-educated. In-fact, this re-education process is happening this very moment in your skin.

The dynamic mechanics placed upon your skin are continuously re-educating or “remodeling” it. Remodeling is based upon the biomechanics of skin.

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Start re-educating your skin!

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